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Some Misunderstandings about the MBR Process

Time: 2020-07-06 Hits: 182

Do you really understand MBR technology? Are you familiar with how to use it?

In recent years, the MBR process has been widely used by people. The MBR process can be used in many applications such as reuse of reclaimed water, improvement of environmental standards, and dispersion treatment of wastewater. As we all know, the reason why the MBR process has so many widespread uses is mainly due to its outstanding advantages such as high load, long mud age, high efficiency of shutoff, and small footprint.


Although people have a deeper understanding of the MBR process, there are often some misunderstandings in the application process. These misunderstandings will cause adverse effects on people's use of the MBR process.


This article will introduce you to the misunderstandings that often occur in the application of MBR process in sewage treatment.


Misunderstanding 1: The higher the flux design of the MBR membrane, the better.


Correct interpretation: The flux of the membrane is determined by the material and structure of the membrane. For a particular membrane processing unit, there is an upper limit on its porosity and flux. Filtration is essentially a physical process. Membrane materials must sacrifice throughput while reducing pore size. In addition, the use of membrane materials also needs to take into account its strength, long-term operation and other characteristics. All these factors lead to the flux should be a fixed value.


Therefore, for the application and design of membranes in wastewater treatment, it is best to refer to the recommended parameters of membrane manufacturers.

In the next article, we will continue to introduce several other misunderstandings of the MBR process.