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Some Misunderstandings about the MBR Process ④

Time: 2020-07-22 Hits: 171

MBR technology? Are you familiar with how to use it?

In recent years, the MBR process has been widely used by people. The MBR process can be used in many applications such as reuse of reclaimed water, improvement of environmental standards, and dispersion treatment of wastewater. As we all know, the reason why the MBR process has so many widespread uses is mainly due to its outstanding advantages such as high load, long mud age, high efficiency of shutoff, and small footprint.

This article will continue to introduce you to misunderstandings about the application of the MBR process in wastewater treatment.


Misunderstanding 4: In order not to block the membrane, reduce the sludge concentration as much as possible.


Correct interpretation: Blocking the membrane is a common problem in MBR applications. The membrane is usually blocked by sludge, especially when the sludge concentration is too high. Therefore, there is a misunderstanding of reducing the sludge concentration to avoid blocking the membrane.


This is precisely another misunderstanding. In fact, too low concentration and too high concentration of sludge will make the membrane quickly blocked. The correct approach is to keep the sludge concentration in a suitable range.


In addition, aeration has the effect of flushing the membrane surface. Therefore, the appropriate aeration amount should be maintained during the use of the MBR process.

In the next article, we will continue to introduce the misunderstandings of the MBR process.