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Automated high yield drinking water hollow fiber membrane production line (with formula)

The equipment produced by our company is an advanced MBR membrane filament automatic production line, which can produce a variety of types of membrane filaments, has the advantages of small size, low production cost, simple operation and maintenance, etc.

The equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the manufacturing process is sophisticated.

We have a complete set of mature membrane filament production process, which is used in conjunction with our equipment. The quality of the products produced is stable and reliable, and the output is high, which can give full play to the greatest advantages of the equipment.

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Technology Features

★  Simple ——Easy to operate

★  Efficient——High efficiency / Low maintenance

★  Features  ——Reasonable structure, compact structure and small floor space

★  Effectiveness——High output of production equipment, 8 hours can reach 400-800 square meters 

★  Compact ——Compact design – footprint 75% smaller than conventional

★  Recycle and Reuse——Possibility of direct and indirect water reuse

Model and Parameters
Dimension L×W×H (m)Qty
Stirred tank0.75×0.75×2.101
304 stainless steel
2Solution pressure  vessel1.45×0.80×2.201304 stainless steel
3Membrane wire deep sink1.35×0.66×2.501304 stainless steel
4Membrane wire cooling tank3.20×0.48×0.791304 stainless steel
5Console (large)2.15×0.55×1.741304 stainless steel
6Console (small)1.95×0.55×1.891304 stainless steel
7Spinning frame1.10×0.70×2.101304 stainless steel
8Wire winding machine1.30×1.20×1.351304 stainless steel
9System control cabinet0.56×0.34×1.701304 stainless steel
10Clean water tank0.90×0.80×0.631304 stainless steel
11Total size of complete           equiment0.76×3.10×2.601304 stainless steel
                             PVDF production raw material formula (not including material)
                                          Can be customized based on your request

1.Footprint area: 40-50m²;

2.Power consumption 10KW (excluding centralized oil heating tank and pipeline);

3.Based on 1 out of 8 spinnerets;

4.The above is the ex-factory price;

5.The labor cost for on-site installation and guidance is not included, and the buyer needs to bear   all travel expenses for on-site guidance;

6.Product warranty for 1 year;

7.Production lead time: 30 working days;

8.The quotation is valid in 30 days.

Water Quality Standard

Input Water and Treated water QualityTypical Domestic Sewage as an Example









Color Measure






Input water quality










Treated water  quality


≤ 25

≤ 5

≤ 815

≤ 10

≤ 5


Remark: The quality of effluent is stable to the grade A standard of "pollutant discharge standard of urban sewage treatment plant" (GB18918-2002).

Quality Guarantee

We have types of sample machines for testing hollow fiber membrane in our Technology and Research Center. Also we have performance test machine & equipment such as scanning electron microscope, aperture tester, electronic tension machine, infrared oil meter, Hash wa ter quality analyzer and so on to be used for R&D. Meanwhile we installed container type pressure components and immersed equipment to do test of membrane modules.

Working principle

Membrane is to filter the water. Clean water enters the tube through the pores, while the pollutants are stopped outside because the pores are very tiny (0.1μm)




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