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We have focused on MBR wastewater treatment equipment manufacturing for 16+ years. Your best supplier and partner.

Shenzhen Shuihuan-MBR Co. Ltd is an MBR wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer. We provide integrated MBR sewage treatment equipment with PVDF hollow fiber membrane units, which are widely used to treat industrial and municipal wastewater, such as sewage from hospitals, hotels, villages, towns, educational institutions, scenic spots and so on.


Shenzhen SH-MBR Co. Ltd is located in Shenzhen, a most modern city in China. We have two factories to manufacture the MBR integrated wastewater treatment equipment and hollow fiber membrane modules. One factory is located in Liaoning province and the other is in Jiangxi province. We have over 16 years’ experience in MBR wastewater treatment. We provide sewage treatment manufacturing, installation, consultation, validation, testing and maintenance to ensure ongoing compliance. 


We are looking for a group of overseas environmental protection and wastewater treatment industry outstanding people for in-depth strategic cooperation. We provide a full set of product technology support, production, cooperation, and jointly build a production base.

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Dedicated to MBR sewage treatment! We are the strongest manufacturer to build MBR integrated wastewater treatment equipment.

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The capacity range of our MBR integrated sewage treatment equipment is 1m³ - 500m³ per day.

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Our mission is to transform sewage to clear and high quality water. Let's protect our earth together.

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Welcome to visit SH-MBR integrated wastewater treatment equipment factory.

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We provide a full set of product technology support to develop local market together with you.