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Witte jo de wichtichste foardielen fan MBR-yntegreare apparatuerferwurking?

Time: 2020-04-20 hits: 47

MBR membrane bioreactor has the following very outstanding advantages in the application of MBR wastewater treatment and MBR water reuse project:


1. The pollutant removal efficiency of MBR membrane bioreactor is high, and the quality of treated effluent is good;


2. The sludge concentration of the MBR membrane bioreactor is high, the volume load of the device is large, and the occupied area is small;


3. The MBR membrane bioreactor is conducive to the interception of slow-proliferating or high-efficiency microorganisms, improving the nitrification effect of the system and the treatment capacity of refractory organic matter;


4. The residual sludge production of the MBR membrane bioreactor is low;


5. MBR membrane bioreactor is easy to realize automatic control and convenient operation and management;


6. The SS and turbidity of the discharged water after treatment are close to zero, which can be reused.