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Karakteristik proses MBR peralatan pengolahan limbah

Waktu: 2020-02-18 Hits: 52

Apa yang saya bawa kepada Anda hari ini adalah pengetahuan tentang karakteristik proses MBR dari peralatan pengolahan limbah. Saya harap ini akan membantu semua orang.
(1) It can efficiently perform solid-liquid separation, separating suspended matter, colloidal matter, and microbial flora lost in biological units from purified water. The separation process is simple, the floor area is small, and the quality of the effluent is good. Generally, it can be reused without third-level treatment.
(2) The biomass in the biological treatment unit can be maintained at a high concentration, the volume load can be greatly improved, and the efficiency of membrane separation can greatly reduce the hydraulic retention time of the treatment unit. The footprint of the bioreactor is correspondingly reduced.
(3) As it can prevent the loss of various microbial flora, it is beneficial to the growth of slow-growing bacteria (nitrobacteria, etc.), so that various metabolic processes in the system proceed smoothly.
(4) makes the residence time of some large molecules difficult to degrade organic matter longer, which is conducive to their decomposition.