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MBR канализациясын тазалоо процесси боюнча изилдөө

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When researching the MBR wastewater treatment process, we should start from the summary of the MBR wastewater treatment process, analyze the working mechanism and working form of the MBR wastewater treatment process, so as to find the advantages of the MBR wastewater treatment process compared to the traditional wastewater treatment process, and thus improve The efficiency and quality of sewage treatment promote the in-depth promotion and application of the MBR sewage treatment process in China's sewage treatment industry.


Overall overview of MBR wastewater treatment process


The full name of MBR sewage treatment technology is membrane bioreactor sewage treatment technology. It is a sewage treatment method that combines efficient membrane sewage separation technology and traditional active pollutant separation technology. The advantage of this sewage treatment technology is that it can The microorganisms contained in the sewage are trapped on the bioreactor, thereby increasing the sludge concentration of the bioreactor. From the perspective of theoretical analysis, there is no upper limit to the concentration and age of sludge, and it can be increased indefinitely, so that the content and concentration of organic pollutants in the effluent are minimized.


In the analysis of the application of the MBR wastewater treatment process, we can see that the MBR wastewater treatment process can effectively remove ammonia and nitrogen in water, and it has an excellent effect on the treatment of industrial wastewater. Compared with the traditional biological treatment process, the water quality of the MBR wastewater treatment technology is better. At the same time, the entire process equipment occupies a small area, the equipment is relatively centralized, and it has a more systematic and convenient management plan. It also has great room for optimization and upgrade potential, and its process technology has broad development prospects.


China's research on MBR wastewater treatment technology started late. However, due to China's emphasis on advanced technology, the development trend of MBR technology is relatively rapid, and MBR technology has been applied by some enterprises. In 2002, the development of MBR technology was listed as a 863 key scientific research project, which is one of the most important signs that MBR technology has been valued in China.


When the MBR sewage treatment technology operates in the same condition, its bioreactor has a strong treatment capacity and can completely intercept organic pollutants with a particle size greater than 0.22um. In-depth analysis and scientific modeling will effectively verify the optimal sludge discharge time and hydraulic flushing cycle of the MBR technology.