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Quidam veniunt in processu MBR ③

Tempus: 2020, 07 19, hits: 90

Tu vere intelligunt technology MBR? An nota quomodo ea uti?

In annis, in MBR processus est late usus est in populo. Quod non potest esse processus in multis applications ut MBR I reuse Reclaimed ex aqua et environmental emendationem signa et dissipationes wastewater curatio est. Ut omnes norunt, ex causa cur in tanta multitudine MBR processus est usus, est maxime debitum ad princeps eius praestantes commoda, ut onus, longo tempore luto, et princeps efficientiam shutoff et parva vestigium.

Hoc articulus erit permanere ad inducere errores circa wastewater curatio in applicationem ad MBR processus.


Misunderstanding 3: MBR process does not require sludge discharge


Correct interpretation: Due to the excellent retention effect of membrane filtration, the activated sludge in the MBR process can reach a higher concentration, and the separation of hydraulic retention time and sludge age can be achieved without considering the effect of sludge concentration on the effluent.


However, this advantage only enhances the biochemical play space, does not affect the effluent and cannot be used as a reason to support sludge discharge. The problem of sludge discharge still needs to be returned to activated sludge.


If the sludge is not discharged, the activated sludge will have aging problems, which will affect the biochemical performance and affect the aeration.


Therefore, the MBR process in the project can indeed reduce sludge, but sludge is also required.

Et tunc articuli, ut permanere autem in errores inducere ad MBR processus.