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Quidam veniunt ad ⑥ Processus MBR

Tempus: 2020, 07 28, hits: 118

MBR technology? Are you familiar with how to use it?

In annis, in MBR processus est late usus est in populo. Quod non potest esse processus in multis applications ut MBR I reuse Reclaimed ex aqua et environmental emendationem signa et dissipationes wastewater curatio est. Ut omnes norunt, ex causa cur in tanta multitudine MBR processus est usus, est maxime debitum ad princeps eius praestantes commoda, ut onus, longo tempore luto, et princeps efficientiam shutoff et parva vestigium.

Hoc articulus erit permanere ad inducere errores circa wastewater curatio in applicationem ad MBR processus.


Misunderstanding 6: The MBR process is only applicable to domestic sewage.


Correct interpretation: MBR process is a combination of activated sludge method and membrane filtration method, which is different from the combination of traditional activated sludge method and secondary sedimentation tank.


In this sense, the MBR process is applicable to scenarios where the activated sludge method is required. However, for some sewage that is likely to cause membrane clogging, its pretreatment needs to meet the requirements of the MBR process.

The above articles are some common misunderstandings about the MBR process. Do you have a clearer understanding of the MBR process? For more knowledge about sewage treatment, we look forward to discussing it together!