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Засгийн газар нь аймгийн байгаль орчныг хамгаалах чиглэлээр ажилладаг

Цаг: 2020-02-18 Үзсэн: 51

Гадаадад шинэ нээлт хийх компаниуд.

Mao Weiming, executive deputy governor, pointed out that the role of Jiangxi's overseas enterprises in strategic platform construction has continued to expand, and the results of cooperation have become apparent. The consortium formed by member companies of the alliance has recently won a number of major projects such as Zambia's 1.2 billion U.S. dollars highway, which fully reflects the strong competitiveness of our province's enterprises, and emerged a group of fearless, brave and pioneering, outstanding achievements " "Going Global" businesses and individuals.

Замби улсын орон сууц, барилгын сайд ноён Рональд Читотра ба түүний тал манай боловсруулах баазад зочиллоо.

Компанийн даргын туслах профессор Сионг MBR нэгдсэн ариутгах татуургын тоног төхөөрөмжийн зарчим, боловсруулалтын технологийг Замби улсын орон сууц, барилгын сайд ноён Роналд Ситотраг тайлбарлав.

Ноён Рональд бие даан манай тоног төхөөрөмжид автаж уг төхөөрөмжийн дотоод бүтэц, ажиллагааг ажиглав.

Mr. Ronald watching the effect of water out of our company's equipment.

Ноён Роналд боловсруулалтын бааз дээр үйлдвэрлэлийн техникчидтэй нарийвчилсан мэдээлэл солилцов.

Mao Weiming, the executive deputy governor, put forward four hopes: First, there are new breakthroughs in promoting Jiangxi's better integration and participation in the "Belt and Road" joint construction. All localities and departments should further take advantage of our province's opening up advantages, seize historical opportunities, fully integrate into the "Belt and Road" construction, and improve the level of development of Jiangxi's open economy; the majority of enterprises should combine their own advantages, find a correct positioning, and actively seek new ones. Business opportunities, actively expand overseas markets, achieve high-quality resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win situation. Second, there are new achievements in promoting the development of the real economy and accelerating the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. It is necessary to further promote the "going out" of the real economy, and take physical investment as the main direction of foreign investment. Through international capacity cooperation, Jiangxi's advantageous production capacity can be aligned with the construction and demand of countries along the "Belt and Road" to make room for new advantageous enterprises and industries. Expand more resources and expand development space. Third, it has its own characteristics in promoting "going global" in all aspects and fields. We must deeply understand the Silk Road spirit of "peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win" as the core. While encouraging enterprises to "go global" to carry out cooperation, we must tell the story of Jiangxi and build an international with Jiangxi characteristics. Mutually beneficial cooperation platform. Fourth, see real efforts in effectively preventing risks and ensuring safety.