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Do you know the process characteristics of MBR integrated equipment processing?

Time: 2020-04-20 Hits: 58

MBR (membrane bioreactor) process characteristics:


1. Degradation of organic matter in sewage, nitrification bacteria nitrate NH3-N to NO3-, removal rate of organic matter is above 95%; removal rate of ammonia nitrogen is above 97%.


2. The pretreatment process is simple, no need to add a large amount of chemicals, and the operation process is simple;


3. The recovery rate is high, and the recovery rate of water can reach more than 99%. This flexibility allows the operator to reduce the "pressure" on the diaphragm by reducing the recovery rate when the quality of the incoming raw water deteriorates, but the same total And quality purified water;


4. The system uses logical process monitoring systems, including flow transmitters and pressure transmitters. This highly controlled system approach can be used to design the most flexible systems and increase the minimum requirements for operator interfaces;


5. Air flushing ensures reliable operation under various inflow conditions;


6. Automatic recoil guarantees to increase the overall membrane flux under low membrane pressure;


7. Small footprint, only 10-20% of traditional crafts;


8. Long service life, continuous running time of up to 70,000 hours, wire breakage rate is less than 1%.