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Zvimiro, mashandisiro uye tekinoroji maitiro eMBR membrane bioreactor

Time: 2020-04-21 Hits: 49

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a new type of wastewater treatment technology that combines efficient membrane separation technology with activated sludge process. The membrane unit is directly immersed in the liquid mixture of activated sludge. There is no need to separately set up a dedicated secondary settling tank or a special filtration system, thereby reducing the floor space. It is an advanced and efficient water treatment system, which can meet the increasing demand of industrial and municipal sewage treatment capacity, and greatly improve the water quality after advanced sewage treatment.




Use type: Raw water type: Water production use:

Municipal sewage treatment and reuse: municipal sewage; standard improvement, landscape, greening, irrigation, miscellaneous use;

Water reuse in buildings: domestic sewage in buildings; water for flushing and greening;

Industrial wastewater treatment and reuse: industrial wastewater; standard improvement, miscellaneous water;

Wastewater treatment in landfills: landfill leachate; discharge up to standard;




1. High concentration of activated sludge, strengthens the removal effect of organic matter

2. Effectively retain small, slow-growing nitrifying bacteria with high ammonia nitrogen removal rate

3. Highly effective interception of microorganisms and various pathogenic bacteria

4. The effluent is clean and can be reused directly

5. The sludge discharge cycle is long, the sludge yield is low, reducing the sludge treatment cost

6. Save the second settling pond and save floor space; compared with the traditional processing system, it can save 50% floor space

7. The design of the assembled membrane frame is convenient and flexible, and the disassembly and maintenance of the membrane module is very convenient

8. Low energy consumption, simple cleaning and low operating costs