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Новозеландско Министарство за међународну трговину врши инспекцију и сарађује са нашом компанијом


Како је нова опрема пуштена у производњу, а производна линија проширена, наша компанија је увела низ страних инспекцијских мисија. Ова инспекција је углавном спроведена на лицу места за тестирање интегрисане канализационе опреме МБР наше компаније.

Mr. Wilson, the director of the New Zealand Department of International Trade, sees if our company has the strength to meet the standards required by foreign countries. The chairman of the company, Professor Xiong, attaches great importance to it and leads a group of people to visit the company's new plant, improved new equipment and production lines And describe the company's next development blueprint one by one.

Mr.Wilson conducted a careful and careful research on our company's production line and product quality, carefully observed a batch of products that happened to be newly born, and conducted rigorous testing. Finally, our advanced testing equipment and excellent products Quality is very satisfied.

Guests from the New Zealand Department of International Trade have shown great interest in the production process and selection equipment. Although there are barriers to language communication, they continue to ask questions and explain them through translation. "Good!" Before leaving, the inspection team was very satisfied with the warm reception and inspection results of the base. They said in a blunt Chinese sentence: "Thank you very much!" The two sides have basically reached a consensus on the next step of cooperation. The specific details need to be discussed slowly.